Our Rug Cleaning Process

Pro Rug Cleaning Sydney has designed a professional rug cleaning service that comes to you and delivers great results. We are the rug cleaning specialists and we have seen and cleaned all kinds of rugs. From Persian to wool, nylon, shag, Turkish, polyproeleyne, oriental, silk, polyester, hair on hide, sheepskin, cotton, polyolefin, acrylic, and such much more, Pro Rug Cleaning Sydney has done it.

Our methodology has been tried and tested to offer our best mobile rug cleaning service that will clean, deodorise, and sanitise your rug. Whether your rug is a hand-woven heirloom or was machine-made using the latest technology, we know the best technique to apply in order to get results. Let’s take a look at how our rug cleaning company will clean your rug.

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Step 1: Inspection & Analysis

Inspect the rugs construction and fibre composition in order to assess the best approach to take while cleaning it. Most rugs are composed of wool, silk, or cotton, but can also contain synthetic or natural plant fibres as well. We will also check the condition of the rug for stains, damage, or wear and tear that may need treatment or special attention.

Step 2: Thorough Vacuuming

Vacuum the surface of the rug, and in some instances, the backing as well using hospital-grade vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. This process will loosen and extract particles that are stuck in the rug so a more thorough clean can be achieved.

Step 3: Pre-Treatment

Spot clean soiled areas using a spotting solution to pre-treat them. This will enable us to target isolated areas that may need a separate approach taken to be treated or to enhance the cleaning process and improve the affected area.

Step 4: Pre-Spray

We will now pre-spray the rug with a solution that is formulated to aid in stain and dirt removal. Your tecnician will know the best mixture to use in order to get the best results after they have completed their inspection at the beginning of the process.

Step 5: Rotary Cleaning Process

Our rug cleaning specialists will now use equipment designed to activate the cleaning solution and agitate deep into the fibres of the rug. This is done using a rotary brush that can loosen dirt particles and aid in their removal.

Step 6: Grooming

Your rug can now be groomed using a grooming rake or hand mitten. This is to set the fibres in a good position for drying and back to a more natural position.

Step 7: Initiate Drying Process

The rug now needs to breathe so that it can properly dry. We can do this by using fans or positioning the rug in an area where it can get adequate air flow depending on the circumstances. We will also do a final check of the rug for any marks and apply treatment if necessary.

Optional Extra

Stain Protection Treatment

We can apply fibre protection to your rug to aid in increasing its life and making the removal of potential stains easier. This is designed to protect the rug against spillages and can give you more time to clean up a spillage before it sets in and becomes permanent. Be sure to ask us when you make your booking about getting this treatment applied.

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Our mobile rug cleaning specialists in Sydney will come to you anywhere in the greater metropolitan area and clean your rug on site. Our process has been tried, tested, and proven to get results, so contact us now so we can arrange a time to perform our service.

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